AMT Systems employs a team of full time engineers, project managers, programmers, installation crews and service technicians, which allows us to maintain a high level of quality on present projects while ensuring that new or past projects receive prompt and qualified attention.

At AMT Systems, all of our engineering is done in-house, allowing us to recommend the best components for a specific application with no outside influence as to a specific manufacturer. We represent virtually all of the leading audiovisual manufacturers, so we have extreme flexibility to source the best equipment for the unique needs of each project.

Audio/Video Systems Design

AMT Systems Inc. views systems design as the most critical part of a project. AMT’s experience and success in design projects is due in no small part to our ability to translate a theoretical set of guidelines for function and features into a practical, user-friendly system. Simply put, AMT sales and engineering personnel listen well. We spend the time to understand what a client currently needs and explore what new needs may be on the horizon. Only then do we begin a design, ensuring the end product will accomplish the client’s goals and serve them well for years to come, all while fitting into their budget. Our design team includes CTS-D certified staff engineers well versed in AutoCAD, EASE, and other computer-based tools used to establish, define, refine and complete system details, including single line drawings, conduit risers, rack elevations, HVAC loads, AC power requirements, mounting details, and more.

AMT Systems’ years of practical experience is not only in system design, but in their day-to-day operation as well, which plays an invaluable role in our ability to assist in value engineering systems with a focus on retention of system function and features while providing cost-saving alternatives to resolve budget issues.


AMT employs dedicated, full-time teams of installation professionals who are dedicated to bringing the engineered systems to reality. Our CTS-I certified installers are committed to paying the highest level of attention to the smallest of details, ensuring that our installed systems work as designed, deliver the expected results and look the best they can. Following installation, system documentation is updated and record as-built drawings are provided with equipment product manuals.


Upon completion of installed systems, AMT Systems works with our customers to train them on the features and use of the technology, allowing them to use the full functionality of the system with ease. Often we are asked to provide follow-up training as new operators arrive or advanced training for users seeking to increase their technical skill set. For advanced projects we recommend that an AMT Engineer work with operators for the first rehearsal and event to help refine how the system functions and provide a deeper understanding during real-world utilization.

Audio/Video System Equipment Sales and Upgrades

There are many fine audio and video systems in operation throughout the country. However, the dramatic and ongoing improvements in technology driving this industry provide opportunities to make a good system better with the addition of new or improved equipment, or with additional features to make system operation simpler, especially for non-technical users. AMT Systems recognizes both the opportunity this presents and the integrity required to provide options for upgrades that are fiscally sound as well as technologically appropriate. There are scenarios that a simple upgrade is the best decision and others that don’t make sense financially. When we’re asked to install an upgrade or simple equipment sale, we evaluate the existing system, listen to the client regarding the needs that the upgrade is intended to address and describe the benefits and potential tradeoffs, allowing our clients to make educated decisions as to whether the upgrade or equipment sale makes sense for their application and if it is the most cost-effective solution.

System Maintenance and Repair

AMT Systems offers a full-time service department, staffed by qualified technicians well versed in trouble-shooting, problem analysis and repair, and preventative maintenance measures. They are backed by our in-house engineering staff when required. We recommend and provide preventative maintenance contracts that include regularly scheduled visits throughout the year as well as emergency response.